Mt Cook Connect is our Mt Cook community centre in the clouds, in the suburb of Mt Cook, Wellington, NZ.

Mt Cook Connect takes its inspiration from the Mt Vic Hub website model, bringing together information about the bookable venues in Mt Cook, information about groups and activities in Mt Cook, tips about getting ready before an earthquake hits, and a quick tour of the community garden projects in Mt Cook. OK! That’s the plan! Not everything is up and ready on the site yet.

Find out about neighbours in your street or apartment block, and how to join the street/apartment facebook page, whatsup group, or email list.

In earlier times, the Mt Cook hill (Pukeahu) was dominated by the military. Nowadays, the hill is zoned as an Education Precinct. Schools, pre-schools, and Massey University play a big role in Mt Cook, and one of our aims is to discover ways for schools and the community to interact.

Let us not forget the magnificent Town Belt and Pukeahu National War Memorial Park that surround us. The Town Belt and the heritage we live amongst also provide opportunities to bring our community together.

Mt Cook Connect is a Mt Cook Mobilised community project.

We welcome your ideas and suggestions!

E koekoe te tūī, e ketekete te kākā, e kūkū te kererū 
Each of our many voices adds to our community.