Here are some more useful tips to help you stay at the ready for when a disaster hits. If you can think of more tips, please share them with the community.

PHONE & ELECTRICITY NETWORKS – electricity, landlines and mobile networks could be out for up to a month.

TEXT MESSSAGES ONLY – the telecommunications network can send 650 text messages for every 1 minute of mobile talk time it can process. Change your outgoing message to say, “I’m OK”. Use text messages only, and remember that everyone will be trying to get messages through at the same time!

PETROL – keep your petrol tank at least half full. Petrol will be rationed in an emergency.

CASH – a stash of cash will be very useful when the ATMs won’t work.

CANDLES – after an earthquake, candles are a liability because during an aftershock they could tip over and start a fire.

SUPERMARKETS – hold around 3 days’ supplies, that will not last long.