In a sizeable earthquake, fire is one of the main causes of damage. Our little Mt Cook houses are packed closely together.

You need to know how to turn off your gas toby, electricity and your water supply after the initial shaking has stopped.

Water will be everywhere if a big quake rattles and breaks the water pipes. Turn off your water supply at the toby to limit water damage to your house.

Shut off your gas at the street to make sure a gas leak does not help fire spread.

Power lines or electrical wiring can be damaged after a big earthquake, which can lead to fire.

Gas toby

Gas toby – horizontal setting means the gas is turned off (the thin lever on the right).

Water toby

Water toby – look for a flat cover. Tobys for older houses may look a little different.

Toilet seat taped shut

Toilets are not to be used after an earthquake – a gentle reminder to the whānau could be useful.