Te Haukāinga has office space for rent, and rehearsal space. Located above Corys Electrical on Taranaki Street, this is a theatre-focussed wāhi, home to Taki Rua and Te Hau Tūtū.


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Maximum capacity

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Description including special conditions

Rehearsals will take priority over casual bookings.



Outdoor area

No outdoor area.


Located on Level 1, upstairs

Is there a lift??


Parking is available on the Taranaki Street footpath outside the building.

Cycle Parking

Not sure about this. Maybe not?

By Bus

The buses that travel up Taranaki Street are No. 3 and No. 18.

Going north to the city there is a bus stop immediately outside Te Haukāinga.

Going south there is a bus stop by Webb Street, or by Bidwill Street at Massey University


Taranaki Street is an arterial route.

Physical address

Level 1, 274 Taranaki Street.

Te Haukāinga is above Corys Electrical. Look for an assuming A4 sign facing Taranaki Street.